Surprise Backorder & Miscellaneous Sale!

Um... SURPRISE?! πŸ‘»

tl;dr πŸ‘‡

  1. Hong Kong books are open for backorder (expected to ship this month).
  2. A bunch of older stock is marked down to clear room for this unexpected early shipment
  3. *Extremely* limited copies of popular items (like Sagebooks, Greenfield, and Mr Men Little Miss Sets) also available

What the... WHAT?? πŸ‘‡


Sooo... given the extreme delays with the last pre-order, I wasn't expecting this shipment from Hong Kong to come in so quickly! Def didn't think it'd arrive until late December, well after holiday deadlines.

But of course, worldwide logistics gotta keep me on my toes, amirite??

We got word that cargo is on Canadian soil and making its way over.

Having literally just received a large shipment about 3 weeks ago, we really don't have a lot of room to receive another one so soon (especially one that didn't have *any* pre-orders with it).

So... we're clearing some shelf room by putting up seconds I never got around to do, and marking down some older stock.

While I'm clearing house, I'm also putting up the random copies of Sage/Greenfield sets hiding in the shelves 😬 These are perpetually sold out, so now's your chance to grab these one-offs!

I didn't exactly plan this, but... uh...

✨ Happy Random-not-Black-Friday-Sale-in-November? lol

(note: we try to track our inventory as accurately as possible. If there are any errors, we will let you know and refund according)

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