The Hanmoji Handbook — Your Guide to Chinese Language Through Emoji

✨🚀 Pre-order The Hanmoji Handbook — a fascinating intersection between language learning and niche tech (emojis!)

This book immediately stood out to me because it’s the first *traditionally published* book (that I’m aware of) that includes:

  1. Traditional Chinese characters, AND
  2. Cantonese pronunciation + Jyutping (!!)

There are a lot more books out there these days with Jyupting, but most (if not all) are self-published.

So to see Cantonese + Jyutping represented in a book by a western “mainstream” publisher, is suuuper rare! And it’s just a fun read!

I’ve honestly never really ran pre-orders like this before (so no idea how it’ll go 😬), but I figured… ehhh why not? 😝

The back story: I recently connected with co-author, Jason Li, who turns out to be very local to me in Toronto! haha

When I casually posted about the book on IG stories yesterday, I got quite a few DMs asking if/when we’d stock it.

While this was happening, Jason also SUPER generously offered to personalize and draw reader’s 3 fav emojis in the books.

But of course, without knowing the customer and what their fav emojis are, that’s kinda hard to do in advance. So the idea to do a small pre-order kinda hatched from there! 🤪

If you’d like your own personalized copy, you can pre-order yours here (and enjoy a pre-order discount too!)

Thank you for supporting HK/Canadian/Torontonian authors who are creating books with Cantonese, in the western book publishing industry (!!) ❤️

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