The Not-Black-Friday Sale

Because today's Wednesday.

And also because we already try to price things as accessibly as possible the rest of the year πŸ₯Ί

In order to allow for "exciting" deep discounts that people have come to expect for this time of year, we'd have to mark up our regular prices.

We'd really rather not do that (though admittedly, having been raised fairly frugal, I totally get it: buying things at "regular" price goes against every fibre of my being πŸ˜‚).

So what is this "Not-Black-Friday Sale" then, you ask?

Welp, over the past months, we've been setting aside a bunch of seconds and/or preloved books. These are books that were slightly damaged in transit, were previously opened to check for something, had parts taken out to replace a customer's missing/damaged copy, are used, or are otherwise in a condition we don't feel comfortable selling at regular price.

Rather than tossingβ€”we thoughtβ€”what if we could find a home for these books in families who don't mind some imperfections in their copies, in exchange for heavily discounted prices?

And thus, we bring you the Not-Black-Friday Sale!

The Not-Black-Friday Sale is a way to keep books out of the landfill, while giving families a chance to buy used or slightly damaged copies of Chinese children's books at 25-65% off! We've added over 50+ titles to οΏΌthe website so far (and may add more as we find any tucked away).

Check them out in the Preloved/Seconds collection! Happy Reading!

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