Wishing Your Family a Happy Reunion!

We had ~grand plans~ for a nice 團年飯spread today.

There was going to be fish, noodles, crab, suckling pig, and all the auspicious new year foods, with plans for TONS of leftovers.

We even tried to hype it up with our kids asking them which dish they most looked forward to. We didn't do much LNY "stuff" overall, but we figured we'd at least eat like kings πŸ€ͺ

Alas, for reasons out of our control, those plans fell through at the last minute πŸ˜”... and needless to say, we were more than a little bummed.

But, we gotta eat dinner still lol. So we made do with what we had at home. We made some udon in place of traditional noodles, and cooked some of my mom's handmade dumplings she left with us when she last visited.

We stirfried some bok choy, and even finished it off with some glutinous rice balls (I was randomly inspired to make some earlier in the afternoon today. Meant to be...?)

My kids loved the meal, and they were none the wiser! Us grownups were also surprisingly stuffed and satisfied.

Goes to show 團年飯 doesn't have to be extravagant. While we would've *gladly* (🀣) gobbled down the fish and suckling pig, I'm so grateful we had what we had.

A small, simple, loving reunion dinner.

We hope no matter where YOU are and how you're celebrating, you too had a happy reunion with your loved ones πŸ’• Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

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