I love BOBA! (Bilingual Traditional Chinese/English) • 我愛珍珠奶茶!

I love BOBA! (Bilingual Traditional Chinese/English) • 我愛珍珠奶茶!

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A full-color picture book celebrating boba and Asian culture (as featured on Kickstarter)!

This hardcover book is intended for ages 3-6, but can be enjoyed by any boba lover.

It features 32 pages of fun and whimsical rhyming story describing the many amazing reasons why boba is so great!

Perfect for a short and sweet bedtime story!

Note: This is the bilingual edition, which includes Traditional Chinese, inline pinyin, and English text. For the English only edition, head over here.

This bilingual version includes an official accompanying Mandarin Chinese reading.

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Hardcover | 32 pages | 25.5 x 25.5cm