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Silly Mom Plays to the End • 玩轉低能媽

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Crazy parenting life, where Mom is sooo tired of playing.

Madness and chaos at home, with seemingly endless opportunities to play "judge" in the "family court".

Forever sleep deprived, and fighting the "Union of Trouble" with wits and strength, Captain Mother promises protect the family home until the very end!

Maggie Lau, who's known by her pen name 馬仔, is a popular Hong Kong born author, illustrator, manga artist, and mother. Through relatable and hilarious comic strips, she has successfully released over 15 different titles under the 「低能」manga series.

In these books, she captures funny stories and the ridiculousness of everyday happenings as she navigates the different stages of her own life: from her white-collar job in her 20s, to when she started dating, to her marriage, to becoming pregnant, and finally when she became a mother of two!

The dialog in her comic strips are mostly written in colloquial/spoken Cantonese, and will resonate with those who are grow up, or love Hong Kong culture & lifestyle!

Softcover | 136 pages | 15 x 19cm