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Kaiketsu Zorori #2: The Haunted House • 怪傑佐羅力2:恐怖的鬼屋

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Sold over 30 million copies, and remain bestselling in Japan for over 25 years, the "Unbelievable" Zozori rivals the popularity of Doraemon and Keroro in today's young readers!

A wiley fox named Zozori wants to become famous hero — he wants to own castle, a beautiful wife, and is determined to be known as the "master of mischief".

In order to prove to his late mother that he can achieve his dreams, he embarks on an adventure alone. Along the way, he meets two little pigs who ends up being his adventure sidekicks, and their silly shenanigans often result in hilarious outcomes.

One day, Zozori stumbles upon a bunch of "monsters"... except none of these monsters were scary. How embarrassing! Zozori decides to show these monsters how it's done.

He goes into the city and asks to rent a mansion from the mayor, which he turns into a haunted house. He then used his "monster transforming machine" to turn himself into different monsters, including the super scary oversized Chinese vampire!

Just as Zozori is super pleased with his own work, something happened...

Follow along another hilarious adventure as Zozori fights injustice, often using imaginative and creative inventions. Despite his desire to cause mischief, his pranks often ends in "failure", accidentally solving the problem at hand and become a righteous hero of the day!

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Softcover | 88 pages | 14.8 x 21cm