More Hospital Crew • 醫院更多小夥伴

More Hospital Crew • 醫院更多小夥伴

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Following the success of her debut title The Hospital Crew, Dr Lucci returns with more short stories about the inner workings of a hospital, and all the different roles that can help us get better!

"Ouch, my foot hurts when I walk!"

"What can I do to better enunciate words?"

"Everything looks blurry!"

"I bumped my foot when riding my bike!"

"My teeth hurt after having candy..."

Five short stories. Six specialities at the hospital who can help!

Through the eyes of these five children, young readers learn that hospitals aren't scary places. Not only is there lots of learn, there are all kinds of kind medical staff to accompany you.

This is the second title by author-illustrator Dr. Lucci Lugee Liyeung, who is an orthopaedic surgeon by day, and an accomplished cartoonist, illustrator and children's book author by night.

She likes utilising her artistic talents to disseminate health education, particularly aimed at children. When Covid-19 first made an appearance, it took her just three nights to come up with a bilingual story book for kids, featuring Dumo and his friends, with brilliantly illustrated tips on how to properly wash hands and wear a mask and keep the home environment clean.

The book, Dr Dumo et al, became an instant hit. It was widely distributed to children in schools and hospitals for free, translated into at least 12 languages and has appeared on several websites.

Softcover | 168 pages | 17 x 21cm