Backorder FAQ

What are backorders?

Backorders are items purchased from an incoming shipment. They're not physically here yet, so they are not considered "in stock", but we typically expect them to arrive at warehouse within a month's time (often sooner).

We only do backorder for items that are already literally on a boat and heading our way.

Soo... what's the difference between pre-order and backorder?

Pre-orders Backorders
There's generally no limit to how many of an item is sold during a pre-order There is a limit to how many we can sell of an item in a backorder (it is whatever is on that boat!)
You will almost always be guaranteed to get what you want Stock can sell out
Takes longer to arrive (~12-16 weeks) Usually ships within a month (often sooner) since it's already in transit
Less predictable timing due to more variables in the supply chain More predictable timing. We only offer to sell items in "backorder" if it's literally already on a boat.


How can I tell if an item is backordered?

The button to add the item to cart should say "Backorder" instead of "Add to Cart".

How does shipping work with backorders?

The same shipping policies apply. Orders over $149 are eligible for free shipping. Order below that will be charged a flat rate.

Every order continues to be treated separately unless otherwise noted. An order can technically have a combination of in-stock, pre-order, or backorder items. The general rule is, when everything in an order becomes available, it will ship out together.

What that means is... yes — it is possible that a later order you make of backorder items, can arrive earlier than your pre-order.