New Arrivals

🚢 Here are some highlights from our May shipment! 

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Activities & Puzzles (COVID friendly 😜)

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A Day with Animals series

Sharon Rentta's A Day with Animals books introduces young children to the world of  work and "professions". There is humour and wit in both text and pictures, and lots of opportunity to learn useful topic vocabulary in Chinese!

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Bestselling Book Sets

Well known and raved about among the parenting community both in Asia and North America, you can't really go wrong with these book sets if you're looking to start your Chinese children's book collection :)

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Cart Fillers

Do you need juuuuuuust a few dollars to make our FREE SHIPPING threshold?

Everything here is under $10 to help pad that last little bit in your cart :)

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Baby & Board Books (Ages 0-18m)

Parents seem to always be asking us about board books, so here're a few new incoming books designed for your youngins'.

Many books introduce self-care concepts that are highly relatable to our little budding humans. Some even come with props! ;)

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Early Picture Books (Ages 18m - 2.5yo)

Great for young toddler's who have just graduated for board books. These books in our May shipment feature simple text, fun repetition, and everyday words to give them vocabulary they can use in Chinese!

Look out for a few that are bilingual as well!

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Science & Non-Fiction

We're pretty excited about some of the incoming science and non-fiction books coming in.

Some are gorgeous popups that are SO fun to explore, while others feature stories that weave in science concepts to keep your little ones engaged!

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P.S. There're still SO MANY more books...

... but we didn't want to overwhelm you, so we only included a few highlights here.

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Happy reading!