Holiday Letter 💌

In Canada, kids can write a letter to Santa, and Santa will write a letter back!

But Santa seems to always write back in... English.

Inspired by an Instagram post by Pauline at Sweet Note Learning, wouldn't it be nice if your multilingual child gets something in Chinese too?? And thus, this idea of the "Santa Letter Program in Chinese" was born!

Your little readers can get a card addressed to them from Santa (or a mysterious auntie who runs a bookstore, if you prefer lolol) in the mail in traditional Chinese!

And yes... it will be actual mail, in your physical mailbox, with a stamp and everything :)

Disclaimer: It will be handwritten by yours truly, but I cannot guarantee quality penmanship in Chinese... 😬


  • Free to any customers who's ordered from Little Kozzi
  • First come, first serve. Open to the first 20 submissions for now. I may open up more letters as my writing arm allows 😅
  • Submission deadline: Thursday, December 9, 2021

How It Works

  1. Fill in the form below with the relevant details
  2. Give us your order number, and we will use the shipping address on that order! No need to send us address info :)
  3. That's it! Check your mail :)

Is this really free? Why are you doing this?

Honestly, 2021 has been been a busy, and sometimes, extremely exhausting year... and I just wanted to do something with the business that brings joy to me.

A big part of what brings me joy is supporting families in their multilingual journeys, and seeing your little ones delight in anything Chinese!

So there's no catch. I hope your kids like receiving their holiday cards :)

The fine print: There will no be tracking with the card. We are not responsible for lost or late mail. We also reserve the right to cancel any submissions.