Let Us Be Your "Last Resort"

This is probably a little weird coming from a store that sells you Chinese children's books, but...

We'd LOVE if we were your last resort for books.

What do you mean, you ask?

Well, here are places we recommend for getting Chinese children's books, in order of preference.

1. Your Local Library

You would be surprised by how many Chinese children's books there may be at your local library. If you're in Toronto, we know for a fact that the Toronto Public Library has a decent selection. And it's completely FREE for you to use, if you live or work in the city.

The library regularly looks at circulation statistics. The more the public checks out Chinese children's books, the more likely they will fund it and stock it up with even more books, so that even MORE people can enjoy it for free.

We know it's sometimes not easy to find books in the library's online catalogue, but we believe SO MUCH in using the library, that we (along with many other wonderful parents) spend a lot of our free time reviewing Chinese children's books and other good finds at the library in a local Facebook group. All posts include links to TPL's catalogue so that you can easily put things on hold for pick up at your local branch!

If you need suggestions for titles to request at your library, check out my other side project The Library Rex 🦖

2. Your Local Buy-Sell Group/Marketplace

Children outgrow things quickly — it's a fact. Books are no exception. Take advantage of your local buy-sell groups or just the general Facebook marketplace to see if there are any used Chinese children's books. It will be cheaper for you, and better for the environment!

Some parents I know were able to score some awesome vintage finds!

To help with this, we've also set up a Facebook group here for Toronto parents to buy and sell their Chinese children's book stash :)

3. Little Kozzi (aka us) :)

If after looking everywhere else, and you still don't find what you want, then we're here for you.

Or, if you're like me, and you found a library book that your child has fallen in love with, that you want to keep forever, we're also here for you :)

And when you do purchase something from us, do know that we so very much appreciate your business ❤️ Thank you, thank you, thank you.