Spring 2021 New Arrivals

Here are some highlights for the latest new arrivals. Or you can see everything coming in here.


Tastes of Hong Kong β€’ 香港尋味


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Other Highlights

Fascinating Careers!

Learn about the different interesting careers, and inspire your little ones to believe in their dreams and blaze their own trail with these books featuring both interesting careers and strong female role models.

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Kindness & Inclusion

Not everyone is the same, and not everyone has to agree β€” but we always strive to be kind and firm.

A selection of books around inclusiveness, friendships, and kindness for your little ones.

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STEM Inspired!

Nurture your little one's interest in math and science while exposing them to Chinese!

From topics like space, to fractions, to numbers and shapes, to human body - many of these books are also interactive!

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Games & Activities

Combine Chinese vocabulary in a "practical" setting of fun activities (like drawing,Β  making art and playing games!) to increase exposure to the language, and to encourage intrinsic motivation for understanding Chinese :)

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Families - All Shapes & Sizes!

Celebrate the people in your life that that you call family, regardless what that looks like.

These book feature about different caregivers and families, of all shapes and sizes!

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Our incoming selection of bilingual books - great for mixed-culture families, or just those who also speak English at home!

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