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Large Book Sets

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Exciting Sequels

Butt Detective Reader #10: Butt Detective Falls in Love?!

Butt Detective fans rejoice! Here comes latest of the Butt Detective Readers (the 10th title in the series!) where a new employee at Lucky Cat Cafe has been been the talk of town. Even Butt Detective appears to be unable to resist her charms...

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The Wild Cats Crew Eats Cake

The mischevious wild cats are back with their next adventure - this time at a pastry shop with lots of delicious cake. What shenenigans will they be up to this time? And when things get out of hand, how will they fix it?

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Wash Your Hands, Mr Panda

Beloved by many early readers, the Mr. Panda series returns with a very relatable title, especially with the pandemic and everything else going on around us. Help your little readers learn all about hand-washing hygiene with their favourite Mr. Panda!

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For the Little Ones 👶🏻

123 Sensory Flash Cards

A great starter set for little ones who are just becoming familiar with numbers, this set features 35 cards with raised sandpaper sensory feedback, real photography (great for Montessori families!), AND the use of Chinese quantifiers (e.g. 1輛挖土機、2隻機械人)!

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Dear Zoo

A fun interactive lift-the-flap board book for the littlest readers to learn all about the animals at the zoo!

Little readers love the repetition and delight it finding out what's behind each flap!

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Bravo, Little White Fish!

Using simple text and vibrant illustrations, this large-format board book takes little readers on a journey of emotions!

Following the Little White Fish, as it travels through the variety of emotions that we all inevitably face at some point: angery, happiness, fear, etc.

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Growth Mindset 💪🏻

The Bunny That Wanted to Fly

This is so funny! An incredibly unique book in a manga-esque format that follows a Big Boss bunny and his three underlings as they try to help their boss achieve his dream of flying. Despite many (hilarious) failed attempts, they continue to brainstorm other options. Will they successfully help Big Boss Bunny fly?

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Mommy Loves Every Side of You

Do you have little perfectionist on your hands?

This sweet relatable story, featuring beautiful delicate pencil drawings, is a good reminder to both parent and child, that we're all still learning, and it's ok to make mistakes.

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What Do You Do With A Problem?

We can't control the problems we encounter, but we can control of how we respond to them.

Masterfully illustrated with a monochromatic backdrop with strategic pops of colour, this is a beautiful book to help us look at problems in different ways

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History & Culture

A Century of Hong Kong

A gorgeous tribute to Hong Kong (though more suitable for advanced or adult readers), this book is packed with information that documents the iconic parts of Hong Kong from the last century. Whether it's the lives of those who reside in public housing (公屋), or the pervasive horse-racing culture (賭馬仔), this book will undoutedbly take many on a trip down memory lane.

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Rice Cake Reunion Celebrations

Turn back time to the 1980s! This heartwarming story around the process of making all the different kinds of traditional rice cakes, highlights the familiar and nostalgic scenes of early Taiwan during a traditional Chinese New Year holiday!

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If Chinese History Were Told by Cats

Learn about Chinese history through a hilarious modern retelling by anthropomorphic cats lol

This is first book of a series that uses a graphic novel format and modern dialogue to dive into the long rich history of China!

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BIPOC Protagonists ✊🏿

Ada Twist, Scientist

Originally written in English, this bestselling title is now translated into traditional Chinese!

Determined Ada Twist, with her boundless curiosity for science and love of the question “Why?,” takes young readers with her on her fun fact-finding missions!

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Those Shoes

All Jeremy wants is a pair of those shoes, the ones everyone at school seems to be wearing. But Jeremy’s grandma says they don’t have room for "want," just "need".

An eye-opening book that highlights some of socioeconomic disparities within our community.

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What’s Cooking at 10 Garden Street?: Recipes for Kids From Around the World

This delightfully illustrated children's cookbook offers a global menu of dishes to share with friends, family, and neighbours. Each inviting spread in this storybook offers a recipe from a different culinary tradition complete with beautiful and realistic illustrations!

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The Paper Bag Princess

Readers the world-over have fallen in love with this classic story of girl power.

This new translated traditional Chinese edition will introduce the tale to a new generation of young feminists.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

An Eric Carle classic — featuring a small caterpillar who emerges from an egg and begins eating everything in sight! When it is no longer hungry and no longer small, the big, fat caterpillar builds a cocoon around himself and finally emerges as a beautiful butterfly ❤️

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Spot's Lift-the-Flap Collection

Eric Hills' iconic lift-the-flap books are featuring the lovable dog Spot are true classics, delighting children around the world for over 35 years! These are now translated in traditional Chinese for our little young readers.

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Interesting TItles that Don't Fit in Their Own Category 🤪

I Have Two Mommys

Families can come in all shapes and sizes ❤️ An original picture book from local Taiwanese author, who hopes to normalize families that aren't the conventional "nuclear family". Whether you're from a single-parent family, a reconstituted family (step-family), same-sex parent family... these are all valid forms of family!

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Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect

Explores the concepts of boundaries in a child-friendly and easily-understood way. It uses scenarios that are familiar and relatable to a child to help them practice and unpack what various actions mean for all the parties involved (those who're crossing boundaries, or those who're having their boundaries tested)

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The Exciting Adventures of Everyday Life (Set of 3 Bridge Books + Mandarin Audio)

哲也 is an extremely popular Taiwanese author for many bridge book titles beloved by early elementary readers. This is his first set to include (Mandarin) audio CDs that narrate the story in full! Features cute stories about a family that has magical powers who goes on "adventures" while doing seemingly ordinary things!

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