Story Time with θ‚₯ε“₯ε“₯!

Come join us for fun stories β€” in Cantonese β€” with local Hong Kong storyteller θ‚₯ε“₯ε“₯!

Event Details

When:Β  Saturday, June 5, 2021 @ 12:00PM EST/9:00AM PST

Where: Virtually via Zoom. RSVP to the Facebook Event. Zoom details will be posted there.

Cost: Free

Who is θ‚₯ε“₯ε“₯?

θ‚₯ε“₯ε“₯ is an incredibly engaging storyteller,Β beloved by children and parents of Hong Kong alike.

In fact, as we were planning this event, because of the time difference (midnight in HK) and how animated he is with his storytelling, he revealed to us that he cannot Zoom from home.

He will have to travel to his office, for fear of waking his own family up πŸ˜‚ (North American Cantonese families appreciate you θ‚₯ε“₯ε“₯! πŸ₯Ί)

θ‚₯ε“₯ε“₯'s Background

θ‚₯ε“₯ε“₯ was an instructor for early childhood education programs in Hong Kong.

He is a curator of Chinese children's books and is involved in many children's game designs.

He is currently the host and game designer for Parent Shop, hosting over 200 large-scale shows for schools, organizations, and tourist events. He is incredibly popular among local parents and children.

His motto is "Play, Passion, and Purpose". He firmly believes that as long as children have fun, they will fall in love with learning and seek it out on their own.

Fun Facts about θ‚₯ε“₯ε“₯

His actual name: ε·§ζ›ΈοΌˆη„‘ε·§δΈζˆζ›ΈοΌ‰[Editor's note: Someone with better Chinese will have to explain this one πŸ˜…]

His one weird trick: He has read 99% of the [Chinese] books found in bookstores, and can tell you what a story is about, in under a minute.