Summer 2021 Pre-order

Here are some highlights for titles you can pre-order for Summer 2021. You can also see everything coming in here.

Pre-ordered titles are 10% off (unless otherwise marked). No coupon required. Discount automatically applied in cart. Pre-order discount ends June 24 @ 11:59pm PST.


Magic School Bus series

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The Very Impatient Caterpillar

Probably the MOST popular story at our Story Time with 肥哥哥 event in early June, and highly requested by many parents, this is now available to pre-order for your little ones.

Don't forget to also check out the equally hilarious sequel: The Little Butterfly that Could :)

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First the Egg

The simple die-cut design in this book magically presents the idea of transformation — from seed to flower, words to story, paint to picture, commonplace to extraordinary ❤️

Young readers will have fun looking through and turning pages in this award-winning book!

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Butt Detective Manga #2

Absolutely BELOVED by many of our customers, the bestselling children's book series in Japan and Asia—Butt Detective—has returned in a new format: manga!

This book #2 in the manga series, fresh off the press!

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Book Sets!

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10 Seconds Class! The Little Things Behind the Art of Food

With over 130k followers, the creator of 10 Seconds Class uses adorable, hilarious and easy to understand illustrations to tell us about the mysteries and secrets of the different types of traditional Taiwanese foods!

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Mr. Snail's Counting Trails (A Sensory Lift-the-Flap Counting Book)

A fun book about number forms with recessed finger trails! There’s a flap at the end of each trail that reveals the house’s owner.

With so much to look at, do, and learn, this is sure to be a family favourite for our budding readers :)

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Busy School (Bilingual Interactive Board Book)

A novelty bilingual board book about going to school!

Help ease your little one to the idea of first days at school with this interactive book. Young readers can join in by pushing, pulling and turning various tabs. They will learn new words, make dough models and have a fun-filled day at school!

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Beloved Sequels

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Monet's Cat

A creative & hilarious story where Monet's artwork comes to life when his cat visit four famous works of art and causing all sorts of chaos along the way. Featuring beautiful illustrations, this is a great book to inspire young readers to appreciate classical art.

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The Legend of the Roof Dogs

Featuring similarly bold, colourful, and exaggerated illustrations of nostalgic Taiwan streetscape as its predecessor What's Missing, this is an exciting story that makes young readers think thoughtfully about the long-standing problem of stray animals in the country.

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Book of the Brain and How it Works

Created by Dr Betina Ip, a neuroscientist & artist, this is a visually stunning book that uses simple but beautiful metaphors to describe the different jobs of our brains: from senses to sleep, from memories to decision-making, this non-fiction book bring the wonders of brain science to life!

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P.S. There's a lot more..

... but we didn't want to overwhelm you. To see everything you can pre-order, head over here.

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