Fall 2021 New Arrivals

Here are some highlights for titles arriving for Fall 2021. You can also see everything coming in here.


100-Storey Series Board Game

Shop Game

Busy Halloween

Fall is here and Halloween is just around the corner!

With this interactive, bilingual and rhyming (in English) board book, young readers will learn all about this beloved holiday.

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Two Tigers Nursery Rhymes (Book + CD)

Out of print and unavailable for a while, we managed to snag a few straggler copies with our supplier!

Features Mandarin nursery rhymes in nice, large print. Comes with CD so you can play in the car and learn along with your little ones!

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Bilingual Flash Cards: Chinese Foods

20 double-sided bilingual flash cards featuring our favourite foods!

Created and designed by a Taiwanese designer, this set not only feature common foods, but it also introduces foods that are unique to Chinese and East Asian culture (e.g. radish cake, xiao long bao, bubble tea)!

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Butt Detective Manga #3

The Beloved Butt Detective series recently introduced a manga format, and this 3rd volume released juuuust after our pre-order closed in the summer.

So for the Butt Detective manga fans, here's your opportunity to grab the latest title! :)

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Sumikko Gurashi Story: Every Day Under the Blue Sky

Popular Japanese characters, Sumikko Gurashki, now in a picture book story format!

This book feature several short stories on how the little gang of creatures came together to hang in the corner ๐Ÿ’•

Using the same beloved cast of characters, the creators tell us a little about unknown pasts, cleverly interleaved to the story of how the friendship came to be.

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Tastes of Hong Kong

Tastes of Hong Kong beautifully documents iconic Hong Kong dishes, the establishments that serve them, and the traditions behind them.

It also includes lesser known details that make up a big part of the Hong Kong food culture. like the shorthand codes restaurant staff use take orders (e.g.ใ€Œๅ†ฌๅคฎใ€= ๅ‡้ด›้ดฆ, the cold coffee-tea mixed drink)

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P.S. There's a lot more..

... but we didn't want to overwhelm you. To see everything you can pre-order, head over here.

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