Hello, Dark (English)

Hello, Dark (English)

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In a reassuring bedtime book perfectly pitched to ease sleep anxiety, a little boy overcomes his worries by befriending the darkness.

A little boy faces his fear of the dark by engaging in a conversation with it.

Imagining the dark as a friendly shadow creature, the boy comes to the realization that the dark is not only a necessary part of life, but that it can be fun as well!

The boy and his new friend play make believe, meditate, and listen to music until it's finally time to fall asleep.

In Hello, Dark, Wai Mei Wong's debut offers a mindful depiction of the dark that's perfect for bedtime and will help even the most restless sleepers find their own comfort after the lights go out.

Tamara Campeau's compelling illustrations depict the boy's bedroom in deep and rich colour that perfectly evokes the feeling of darkness without being frightening.

A note to caregivers at the end of the book relays the author's experience as an early childhood educator who has often supported families seeking support to manage their child's fear of the dark and sleeping anxiety.

Hardcover | 32 pages | 23.5 x 26.04cm