Interesting Cantonese #3 • 有趣廣東話 #3

Interesting Cantonese #3 • 有趣廣東話 #3

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Following the release of Interesting Cantonese and Interesting Cantonese #2, experienced Cantonese instructor, Susanna Ng, returns with an advanced level textbook for Cantonese!

It follows the same simple, practical, and easy-to-understand of her previous books to introduce 1500 additional new words.

All vocabulary includes English translations, inline jyutping romanizations, and Chinese characters. When explaining idioms and slang, it includes literal translations as well as the accepted meaning. Illustrations are added throughout to help reinforce and solidify concepts.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Verbs 動詞
  • Chapter 2: Adjectives & Adverbs 形容詞和形容動詞
  • Chapter 3: Interesting Vocabulary有趣詞彙 (Colours 顏色,Materials 物料,Plants 植物,Transportation 交通,Measure Words 量詞,Countries 國家,Idioms 慣用語,Slang 俗語,Words originating from English & Japanese 外來語,Exclamations 感嘆)
  • Chapter IV: Grammer Builder語法提升 (Conjuctions 連接詞,Positions & Directions 位置和方向,Quantifiers數量)

Includes audio files in mp3 format

Softcover | 250 pages | 5.5" x 8.5"