Sagebooks Treasure Box (Traditional) Sets 1-5 • 寶貝盒 (繁體) : 1-5 級

Sagebooks Treasure Box (Traditional) Sets 1-5 • 寶貝盒 (繁體) : 1-5 級

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Treasure Boxes complement Basic Chinese 500 books, to form the full "Sage Formula" program. Basic Chinese 500 is the core course material, while these Treasure Box stories allow the child to practice reading.

Each set of Treasure Box comes with 5 books. Together, these 5 books use all 100 characters that are taught in the corresponding level of Basic Chinese 500 books, PLUS roughly 10% new characters. This design helps broaden your child’s vocabulary while building up your child's confidence by using words they know.

The stories of Treasure Box are of different genres, and the writing style varies. There are rhymes, fairy tales, classic Chinese stories, animal stories, and riddles, to name a few.

The complexity and length of the stories progress as the child’s reading, comprehension, and reasoning mature, and attention span grows. The stories are more interesting than the course material, and add flavor to a child’s reading.

Treasure Box encourages the child to read independently. Text is accompanied with pinyin.

The Treasure Box set includes all 5 levels:

  • Beginning Reader
  • Budding Reader
  • Building Reader
  • Confident Reader
  • Fluent Reader