The Angry Prince • 生氣王子

The Angry Prince • 生氣王子

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Communication — is the ticket to happiness.

Prince Eddie is a wonderful little elephant when he's not angry. But unfortunately, he often is.

When Eddie is a little angry, he will widen his eyes.

When Eddie is somewhat angry, his face will go red.

When Eddie very angry, his nose will turn into a knot.

When Eddie is very, very angry, he will roar and yell.

Today is a beautiful Saturday, it should have been an awesome one. But from the very start, Eddie has already turned into an angry prince! Getting out of bed, eating breakfast, changing his clothes — all of it made Eddie mad. And that makes daddy mad too!

They watched as seconds and minutes of the beautiful day slip away in their anger... Can Eddie and his daddy save this in time to go on their Saturday adventure together?