The Hooray Series (Set of 4) • 森林裡的小松鼠:岩村和朗給孩子的春夏秋冬繪本(4冊)
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The Hooray Series (Set of 4) • 森林裡的小松鼠:岩村和朗給孩子的春夏秋冬繪本(4冊)

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This set of beloved stories, now available in Traditional Chinese, from Japanese master of children's book illustration Kazuo Iwamura.

This set contains 4 books:

1. Hooray for Snow!

Beautiful illustrations bring a winter wonderland to life as three little squirrels try to convince Daddy to come out and play! Three squirrel children are ecstatic that it has snowed, but have a hard time pulling their sled, and an even harder time convincing Papa to come out in the cold and help them. Papa starts out shivering, but soon he is as warm as toast and having as much fun as the children.

2. Hooray for Spring!

What child doesn't love the first signs of spring?

It's spring, and the world is full of new leaves, and cherry blossoms, and hungry baby birds. Mick, Mack, and Molly can see that caterpillars like to eat leaves, and bees like to suck nectar from the blossoms, but what can they feed a hungry young chick?

3. Hooray for Summer!

A sudden summer thunderstorm sends the squirrel children scampering. It’s a hot summer afternoon. Nothing is stirring. Not the frogs, not the flowers, not even the grass. Then suddenly birds are flocking overhead. Small animals are racing for shelter. The rain starts pouring down. Thunder booms. Lightning cracks and flashes. Mick, Mack, and Molly are caught in the midst of one of the most exciting moments of summer: a sudden summer thunderstorm. It can be scary, but for the three squirrel children, safe and dry in a cave, it brings new friends.

4. Hooray for Fall!

Three young squirrels get a surprise from their mother: bright red sweaters to keep them warm in the chilly fall weather. When they venture outside into the changing autumn season they discover that other aspects of nature are wearing red too!