The Way I Feel Series (Set of 8 + Audio CD) • 我的感覺系列 (8書+朗讀CD+情緒遊戲卡)

The Way I Feel Series (Set of 8 + Audio CD) • 我的感覺系列 (8書+朗讀CD+情緒遊戲卡)

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The Way I Feel picture books help children name, understand, and manage their feelings–and to help their parents and other caregivers, who perhaps, like many of us, were not offered much help, themselves, with their own emotions.

They are great for helping to children place upseting and confusing feelings into the safe world of a book, a safe world where feelings have names and where there are methods to manage them.

This set contains 8 books:

  1. When I Miss You 我想念你
  2. When I Feel Sad 我好難過
  3. When I Feel Scared 我好害怕
  4. When I Feel Angry 我好生氣
  5. When I Feel Jealous 我好嫉妒
  6. When I Feel Good About Myself 喜歡我自己
  7. When I Care About Others 我會關心別人
  8. When I Feel Worried 我好擔心

... plus an audio CD (Mandarin/English), and a set of 32 flashcards of feelings.