Wind Blows Across the Cornfield • 風吹過,粟米田

Wind Blows Across the Cornfield • 風吹過,粟米田

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A corn, a story. How many stories are there in corn?

Corn is a gift of nature, a food that has been passed down from generation to generation. But on the other hand, corn has become a feed for pigs, cows, and chickens, and a weapon used by merchants to plunder the land. Some people ignore corn and don’t cherish it; some people don’t even eat small corn.

Ride the wind and wander around the world, see the stories of different children and corn, and understand poverty and food justice.

What story do you and Corn have?


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"Economic globalization, the arable land of poor countries is requisitioned, and the feed or energy is planted for the rich countries. Can children understand this food crisis? Oxfam's picture book proves: Yes!"
Liu Jintu-President of Mingbao Education Publishing and former editor-in-chief of Mingming Daily


"Oxfam and I had tasted corn rice when we visited the mountain area. It was the daily food of farmers in the mountain area. Before eating, I thought that the corn rice that I usually eat is sweet and fragrant. The corn rice should be good! The corn rice looks like styrofoam! There is no texture in the imported food and it is not delicious at all. After eating, I only feel a emptiness! Only then I realized how bitter their lives are and felt guilty as an urban citizen. And this book , Telling the unclear aspect of the world that city people have. "
Ambassador Mori-Oxfam