You Must Pick One! (Little Chubby Cat's Sunday) • 一定要選一個!(小胖貓的星期天)

You Must Pick One! (Little Chubby Cat's Sunday) • 一定要選一個!(小胖貓的星期天)

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Little Chubby Cat is part of a series of seven books, each taking place one day of the week. It takes daily events familiar to a toddler and turn them into fun and relatable little stories!

On this Sunday morning, daddy's busy reading the papers — how boring! So Little Chubby Cat suggests they play a game. Daddy reluctantly obliges.

The game is called, "You Must Pick One!" where you must... well, pick an answer! None of that "I don't know", "Either way", "Whatever"...

Little Chubby Cat asks, "Do you like my left hand more? Or my right hand more?"

"They're the same."

"No they're not. You must pick one!"

"Alright, your right hand then."

"What's wrong with my left hand?"

"You told me to pick one!"

Simple story, adorable illustrations, and some highly relatable laugh-out-loud dialogue, this book will appeal to many toddlers and parents alike!

Hardcover | 32 pages | 19 x 21cm