Santa Letter Program... in Chinese!

Randomly decided to do a thing over the weekend after seeing a post by Pauline of Sweet Note Learning.

If your kiddo wants to write a Chinese letter to Santa (or whoever) for the holidays, I can offer to write a Chinese response back πŸ’• No guarantees though that any of my Chinese writing will look good, or is even grammatically correct 😬

Open to any Little Kozzi customers. First come first serve.

Is this really free? Why are you doing this?

Honestly, 2021 has been been a busy, and sometimes, extremely exhausting year... and I just wanted to do something with the business for no other reason than that it brings joy to me.

A big part of what brings me joy is supporting families in their multilingual journeys, and seeing your little ones delight in anything Chinese!

So there's no catch. I hope your kids like receiving their holiday cards :)

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here!

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