Holiday Gift Guide 🎁

Little Kozzi has a wonderful curation of children's books and unique Asian-themed gifts, but there's also just... a lot (here's literally everything we have in stock — over 1400 items!!).

So, I figured I'd highlight a few things in the form of this little gift guide, to help you discover some treasures for your little ones!

Wooden Magnetic Mooncake Toy ($10 OFF!)

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For the littlest littles

Vibrant Asian Fruits Flashcards!

Not your "typical" fruit-themed flashcards — this set includes both "standard" fruits, but ALSO fruits that are unique to Chinese culture like the beloved lychee, or the polarizing durian 😝


Bilingual Board Books for Little Foodies!

Take your little ones on a journey to major global cities in East Asia (from Hong Kong, to Taipei, to Tokyo), where our little readers will learn about numbers, colours, and, through the different local foods!


Interactive Colour-Mixing Board Book

A book that will feel magical to little ones as they experiment with how the different primary colours combine to make new ones, using the unique translucent acetate layers embedded into the sturdy board book pages!


Cultural Toys

HK Transportation Stamps

"Stamp-able" positive affirmations, featuring local transportation in Hong Kong. Great for the little vehicle lovers, and those who just enjoy playing with stamps!


Beef Noodle Soup x BBT Felt Toy!

Adorable felt play kit featuring the dynamic Taiwanese food duo — bubble tea and beef noodle soup!! I love how it's so intentionally designed, complete with weighted bottoms in the bubble tea plushes so they can stand up properly. Love the details and thoughtfulness!


Life-sized Wooden Dim Sum Toy

You can't tell in photos, but these are LIFE-SIZE dim sum steamers, with really well-made and sturdy dim sum pieces. Great alone for imaginative play, or pair it with Bitty Bao's popular Counting with Dim Sum board books!


Puzzles for All Ages!

Dim Sum Puzzle Set (5 x 12pc)

Beautifully illustrated and well made puzzles (super thick pieces!!) for the puzzle-builder-to-be! Featuring FIVE 12-piece puzzles in the box, your little ones will enjoy building their favourite foods, while also learning a bit of Chinese!


96pc Double-Sided MTR Puzzle

For the little ones who love trains, this unique double-sided puzzle feature accurate drawings of the different train cars in Hong Kong's MTR system!


1000pc Toronto in Motion Puzzle

A "big kid" or adult level puzzle, this 1000pc puzzzle features artwork by a local illustrator of the beloved city of Toronto. Find the CN Tower, Skydome, TTC, High Park, raccoons (🤪) and many other iconic parts of Toronto!


Greeting Cards

Let the Good Times Roll!

When have any of these Asian rolls let us down? Never! It's always
good times with them! Featuring, Maki, Egg roll, Gimbap and Gỏi cuốn!


Congrats! 恭喜

The lion dance, a symbol of celebration and fun! A card that is perfect for all celebrations, bringing in the good, and getting rid of the bad!


Santa's Mahjong Night

Spread love and holiday cheer with this whimsical hand-painted, one-of-a-kind holiday card featuring a cheeky intersection of western and Cantonese culture!


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Books with Cantonese Audio

Mystery at the Musuem (Bilingual)

Beautifully illustrated by local artist Don Mak, this book depicts the exciting adventure of wild boar Sandro from Italy as he visits three-legged toad Trio in Hong Kong. Audio is narrated HK singer, Miriam Yeung.


I Am Me! (Bilingual)

I Am Me! empowers little readers to love themselves through their differences. The cross-cultural art style, bold colours, and amusing expressions helps raise awareness and acceptance of race, gender, and emotions!


Food Superhero Reading Pen (Trilingual)

Through the use of a tappable "reading pen", little readers can independently hear native speakers use Cantonese (and Mandarin + English)! Beloved by my kids, and comes with a built-in "game" to reinforce vocabulary!


Books with Mandarin Pinyin

Love is Mama's Hands

Love is Mama’s Hands tells the story of a young girl who sees that her mother shows love by using her hands to garden, knit and cook. Lots of beautiful illustrative details (the hanging "Chinese calendar", the "white flower oils" etc). Plus a bonus Cantonese-style joong (糭) in the end!


Corgi State of Mind

A unique book that uses mixed media (beautiful photography and really funny illustrations!!), little readers can practice positive affirmations with Corgi as he shares with us his daily mantras and cheery outlook on life (in both English and Chinese!)


Lunar New Year 恭喜恭喜

Songs are a super powerful (and extremely "sticky") tool for language learning. The author of this book turned to a highly catchy Chinese New Year tune (you'll recognize it when you hear it!) and reimagined it as this book! The book even comes with colour-coded "key guides" so your little musician can even try playing it themselves!


Movie Night in Cantonese!

Toy Story 2 (Blu-Ray)

Watch the beloved and iconic Pixar film (the one that catapulted Pixar into international fame!) in Cantonese & Mandarin. The Cantonese voice cast features all-stars like Dicky Cheung 張衛健, Sean Lau 劉青雲, and Joey Yung 容祖兒!


Finding Dory (Blu-Ray)

From the Academy Award–winning creators of Finding Nemo (Best Animated Feature, 2003) comes an epic undersea adventure filled with imagination, humour and heart. The Cantonese voice cast features Teresa Mo 毛舜筠, Sean Lau 劉青, King Sir 鍾景輝, and Kitty Yuen 阮小儀!


Monsters University (Blu-Ray)

Disney•Pixar proudly presents the hilarious backstory of how two
mismatched monsters met and became lifelong friends in a movie screaming with laughter and oozing with heart! The Cantonese voice cast features Cho-Lam Wong 王祖藍, Louis Chen 張繼聰, and Simon Lui 雷宇揚!


Graphic Novels & Manga

Totoro Full-Colour Manga (Set of 4)

One of Studio Ghibli’s most beloved classics! The animation film by legendary Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki, My Neighbour Totoro, is now a gorgeous full-colour four-volume manga format.


Doraemon × STEM

Little readers will follow Doraemon on a ride on the "Galaxy Express" to explore our universe! From our solar system, to the Milky Way galaxy, to black holes, we will learn about the mysterious stars near and far. Part of a series that comes highly recommended for fans of STEM and Doraemon!


STEM Jr Detectives: Mysterious Ocean Festival

Four friends (led by their science teacher "STEM Sir") go on adventures to Hong Kong's Ocean Park, where they learn about aquatic animals, and the physics behind cable cars & roller coasters! Great book for fans of Hong Kong culture, science, and mysteries!


Board Games

Hong Kong MTR Board Game

An award-winning bilingual board game featuring the iconic MTR railway of Hong Kong, featuring adorable play pieces, and the actual transit line of the iconic Hong Kong subway system.


HK Transport Portable Board Game Book

This Hong Kong Transport Board Game Book is a fun and exciting journey through the bustling streets of Hong Kong through a portable board game book! Featuring embedded dice in the spine of the book that my kids love spinning! 😝


Chinese Character Construction Game

Use 138 unique Chinese "radicals" (parts of the Chinese character) across 144 playing pieces, to form over 800 characters in this "scrabble-esque" board game!


Interactive Books

Hug Me, Papa Bear!

The perfect little interactive book for parents and children! Slip your fingers into Daddy Bear's arms and become Daddy Bear yourself as you follow the book's various scenes, designed to help babies relieve their emotions and develop interpersonal interactions!


Bizzy Bear: Race Car Driver

Bizzy Bear is ready to win the race in this SUPER STURDY board book full of things to push and pull! Switch the light to signal the start and help him speed along in his race car and zoom around the track. Then lift the flag as he crosses the finish line! But will he get there first?


Families: A Lift-the-Flap Book

Meet lots of different families in this fun lift-the-flap book!

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and this book helps curious preschoolers understand how other children live through friendly child characters and interactive pages!


Cultural Celebrations

3D Chinese New Year Board Book Kit

Celebrate Lunar New Year with your little ones via hands-on play! Not only are these adorable board books interactive on their own, with moving pieces that little readers can play, the four books will even fit together as a scene! Great for role-playing one of the biggest festivals in Chinese culture!


Mooncake Play Kit by Culture Tatertots

Tradition, creativity, and fun all in a pouch! The highlight of the kit are the mooncake molds that you can use with playdough, or kinetic sand, or even for making real mooncakes!


Lively Dragon Boat Festival (Pop-up Book)

Through intricately designed popups and other lift-the-flap features, young readers will learn about the traditional Chinese customs and activities celebrated on Dragon Boat Festival, whether it is "sweeping house" (灑掃屋舍), "wrapping zongzi" (包粽子), and "racing dragon boats" (賽龍舟)!


For the Not-So-Little Foodies

Tastes of Hong Kong • 香港尋味

Dive into classic Hong Kong food culture with this beautifully illustrated and information-packed book that not only documents the food items, but also all the fun lesser known details, like the fascinating shorthands & code words industry staff use take orders!


Let's Make Dumplings! (A Comic Cookbook)

An accessible and easy-to-follow comic book cookbook for bringing Asian dumplings into the home kitchen, with recipes for savoury and sweet dumplings, dipping sauces, riffs, and more!


Taiwan Breakfast Map

Delicious breakfasts from all over Taiwan, now documented in this beautifully illustrated book!

Featuring 19 masterfully hand-painted maps, showcasing the various local culinary delights and regional culture, this beautiful compilation will leave your taste buds craving for some yummy breakfast!


Stocking Stuffers

Yeet Hay 熱氣 Vinyl Sticker

Waterproof + dishwasher + microwave safe, this fun vinyl sticker is perfect for criticizing dietary choices, when things get "hot"! 😝


Chinese 101 Postcards (Set of 3)

Learn Chinese the fun way! See how creative Chinese and Cantonese by looking at the many Chinese phrases that contain the word "heart".


Dot Sticker Activity Books

Let your little ones practice hand-eye coordination, while cultivating their imagination and creativity, all in Chinese! Or, useful for keeping them busy if you just need a moment of quiet to yourself :)